Week 4 video review

Week 4 videos.

Partnered charleston last part

Jazz steps

Charleston Revue jazz steps from behind

Here are the two clips. The first one is for dancers on the right side of the room, and the second is a modification for the ones on the left side.

Modifications for the left side of the room.

The Charleston Revue jazz steps week 2

Good job this week. Keep up the practice!

Charleston Revue: video review of week 1

Here’s the video for the first week of Charleston Revue dance class in Montreal.

The song for Charleston Revue: 12th Street Rag by Fats Waller


The song we are using is called “12th Street Rag” by Fats Waller. Here’s what I found on Wikipedia.

Fats Waller (born Thomas Wright Waller on May 21, 1904, died December 15, 1943) was an American jazz pianist, organist, composer and comedic entertainer.

A skilled pianist — widely recognized as a master of stride piano — Waller was one of the most popular performers of his era, finding critical and commercial success in his homeland and in Europe. Waller was also a prolific songwriter, with many songs he wrote or co-wrote still known to modern audiences, such as « Honeysuckle Rose », « Ain’t Misbehavin' » and « Squeeze Me ».

You can find the song on the album Handful of Keys on Amazon.ca

Lindy Revue performance on October 19th 2007

Lindy Revue students performed « Look-A-There » at the Cat’s Corner Friday night dance on October 19th, 2007.

The dancers were: Eric Thul, Sandra Cha, Owen Hortop, France Landry, Ann Mony, Chris Gibb, Pierre Carignan, Amanda Fong, Marie Ndiaye, Rofida Kaboli, Putra « Angga » Manggala, Monika Turner, Gabriel Fillion, Jenifer Tram, Alain Wong and Caroline Langer. Dancers who couldn’t make it but were very much apart of the crew: Marc-André Bellefleur, Karrwright Lee and Tim Hooper.

Well done!

Lindy Revue = cours / course

Salut à tous!

Un petit rappel que Lindy Revue est d’abord et avant tout un cours, donc j’espère voir tout le monde jeudi prochain, même s’il y en a qui ne pourront pas participer au spectacle le lendemain. Ne manquez pas le cours le plus électrique de la session!

Ceci étant dit, je serai à la pratique dimanche, et Alain vous a envoyé un petit courriel avec le dernier vidéo et des notes sur quoi apporter au cours.

À très bientôt!

– – – – – – – – –
Hi all!

Let us not forget that Lindy Revue is above all a course, so I hope to see everyone there next Thursday, even if you can’t be there for the performance the next day. The energy in the class will be electric!

That being said, I will be there a the Sunday pratice, and Alain has sent you an email with the latest video and notes on what to bring to the last class.

See you very soon!

Video review for week 4 back layer

The changes for the people in the back layer.

Video review for week 4

This is a review of the section after the jazz steps.

Return from ULHS

Bonjour à tous! Returning from ULHS is no easy feat, so Alain and I might not be able to post the review from last week before our class on Thursday.

Meanwhile you can console yourselves by watching the Showdown clips on YouTube!

A big thanks to Angga for helping me teach the class last week!

À jeudi,

~ Ann